“Before the course, I felt quite nervous about working with new people but after meeting the team I went ahead and joined up. I’m pleased I did because I’m having lots of fun and have met lots of friendly new people!”

“The first day went really well! We started by setting up the stage and putting up all the lights. We also did a creative session where we looked at photographs and tried to make a story out of them; then we played a game called consequences where we make a story by writing sentences on a bit of paper and passing them around the group. When I went home, I felt quite confident and also very intrigued about what would happen next.”

“It’s now the start of week two and we are building sets and props. It’s proving to be a challenge, especially when you only have a few people helping out and you have to lift heavy bits of set but it is satisfying as I will need to learn these skills in the future for jobs. Only three days to go before we do our first performance – I feel confident that it will go very well!”

Matthew, Participant and Photographer